The rebirth of TWINTRASH

2014-04-01 06:11:08 by TommyVF

We've started making animations again. Just kidding, we always did.

But more frequently, and we call ourselves TwinTrash on YouTube and Facebook and stuff. Soundcloud.

That's our latest things. Thanks for your countless comments and support. We'd marry you if we didn't already have girlfriends.




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2014-04-01 07:09:39

Sorry guys, won't subscribe to you on the youchoob, cos I already am! :D Now time to follow on Newgrounds.

TommyVF responds:

Aaaaawww, you guys c:c:


2014-04-01 20:03:25

Ahhh, but I had the ring ready and everything... T_T

TommyVF responds:

Save it for your own lady, man <3


2014-04-04 06:34:57

Never knew you guys existed but want to give you a huge thumbs up, your get ripped fast animation was incredibly good. The style is very clear/fresh and enjoyable even though it doesnt have all the 'anatomically correct almost 3d super good shading every single detail's there derpaderp'

The sounds used are original and hilareous, the slapstick was original and hilareous.
All in all it was just great and made me laugh wich is rare on random videos i watch. :P

Imo you guys have the potential to become as comedy-big like newgrounds users such as oneyng and egoraptor.
Im going to fav. you and check back.


p.s. the music was fun too, dont know where it was from. :)

TommyVF responds:

Thank you so much, we really appreciate your feedback. We will keep producing and try to not suck. Have a good one!
(Music is made by us)


2015-04-26 07:16:33